Search Engine Optimization Expert (SEO)

To apply you must prove your expertise.

Los Angeles based internet marketing company is looking for talented individuals who have extensive hands on experience with proven records to demonstrate.

We need someone who understands SEO very well. If you understand SEM or SMM (Social Media Marketing) even better. But be prepared to back up your claims.
We’ll post a project and you’ll be required to develop and implement a plan of action.

Common Duties and Responsibilities:

• SEO strategy and implementation

• Hands-on optimization, including site structure, page construction, content, keyword research, and SEO copywriting

• Research, identify and establish link partners with authoritative web sites for our SEO clients.

• Reporting, analytics, and management of SEO clients including Ranking Reports, Link Building, Site Audits, etc.

• Performing information gathering services including technical website analysis, competitive/keyword research, and link analysis

• Optimizing various website elements including website structure, link popularity, and copy writing

• Developing on-going customer reports that include qualitative and quantitative trends for ongoing SEO efforts

• Staying abreast of search engine behaviors, news, and strategies, and reporting key developments to the other team members

• Developing detailed performance reports and analysis throughout each month

• Working with cross functional departments to develop and track all details of SEO initiatives


• Bachelors Degree or 2+ years of SEO and management experience required

• Specific technical website experience, such as expertise in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, is preferred

• Proven track record of successful SEO strategy and implementation

• Experience with SEO keyword research and development

• Strong knowledge of search engine algorithms and ranking strategies

• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail required

• Familiarity with paid placement (ie. Overture, AdWords)

• Understanding of website analytics tools

•Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects and tasks simultaneously

• Proficient in spreadsheet applications (Excel, Open Office Calc)

* Salary starts at P20,000 (Negotiable) and we regularly rate our employees’ performance and productivity. You prove to us how good you are and you can expect periodic pay raises and performance bonuses.

* This is for Full Time Work only. The hours are flexible and you can work from you own home or office.

* Where you learned your skills is not important but proving your expertise is.

To Apply, Follow These Simple Instructions:

1. Complete one of the following 2 tasks.

a.) Provide a small report presenting a proven SEO strategy you have used for success. Elaborate what, why and how this strategy works and the actual results you achieved from implementing this strategy. Show proof of how it worked for you.

2. Email with your resume and the sample of your work. Please put ‘[APPLICATION for -desired position-]‘ on the email subject title.

a.) Include the best day and time to reach you between 9:00am – 2:00pm. (Pacific)
In order to be considered you must follow these instructions. If you can prove how good you are as a results-oriented SEO Expert, we’d love to hire you