PHP5 mysql CSS JS Programers

Salary: 18,000-30,000 PHP per/mnth is a advanced Web based back office system offering collaboration and centralization of company management,resources, communications and information. We are looking for programmers to join the core team and support our clients in North America during our business hours, Ideally one would start work at 3:00 am philipeno time

We are looking for applicants with these skills

1. PHP5 and mysql skills.
2. We are making heavy use of CSS and java script and xhr (Ajax), and while we have a javascript team, candidates would have an advantage with this type of experience. We commit our changes using SVN to our test and live server, thus allowing easy role backs.
3. We may give you an online test server to develop your coding.
4. Part of one our new development focus is moving towards ERP, CRM, and cell phone intergration. Any experience in this field will be welcomed.
5. We are using the Fusebox framework, any experience with MVC frameworks is a plus.

Successful applicant must be team oriented and able to work from home while staying in touch with the team via Skype and related type technologies during working times. Occasional face to face meeting may be required.

This is a great opportunity to join a talented team, and for the successful candidate, there is plenty of work available.

Part time or working to full time work for a 1 year commitment is available. Attention..Free Lancers .. we maybe able to work around some of your commitments

messenger at announce yourself as PHP programmer