Phone Support for Focusinc Group Corp.

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How to apply: Email the following document to:

1. Resume (Pls. indicate the position you are applying for.)
2. Application Letter
3. 4 Copies of your TOR (photocopied only)

Contact No. : 0922-438-66-40 / 0922-805-52-22

General Description:

A Customer Service Representative’s job is to use all means within reason to retrieve the requested records from the doctor/medical facility as quickly as possible so that the client’s application for insurance, (life or disability), will be approved as fast as possible. A CSR – Phone support will call the medical facilities every day to check on the progress of our request and ask them to expedite the process.


*Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s / College Degree, Journalism, Major in English, Mass Communication, Med Course / Nursing, Business Studies / Administration / Management / Commerce, Economics or equivalent.

*Applicants must be willing to work Full Time in Graveyard Shift.

*Strong interpersonal skills and excellent English communication skills.

*Aggressive, keen in details and background in Insurance.

*Passionate, energetic and enthusiastic

*Graduated in any Med course is an advantage.

*Familiar in Health Policy is a plus.

*Applicants must be willing to work Full Time in Graveyard Shift.