.NET Developers for Mynd Dynamic Team

Mynd Dynamic Team, Inc., also known as Mynd Tech Management Services / Mynd Consulting, is in need of 2 senior & 2 junior .NET developers for our U.S.-based client.

General responsibilities:
- Design, program, test and deploy software components/applications in a timely manner following the provided specifications and procedures from the direct manager
- Contribute to the improvement of the development process by sharing ideas, technologies, etc. with the other members of the team.
- To assist the client services department with field user issues, data processing, ad-hoc scripts and hot fixes

Project Examples:
- Develop and test .Net assemblies that implement specific interfaces and integrate through Interop with our client’s legacy laptop application. These projects
require the usage of our client’s libraries, Interop libraries, XML, DHTML and JavaScript.
- Develop and test .Net assemblies that implement specific interfaces and integrate with our client’s web applications. These projects require the usage of ASP.Net forms, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.
- Develop libraries that utilizes Windows Communication Foundation to exchange data between different parts of our client’s systems (i.e. between legacy laptop application and web server). These projects require, among others, the usage of XML, service libraries, T-SQL statements, stored procedures and an ORM (LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework).

Job Requirements
- Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s/College Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
- Proficient in any of the following: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET
- Experienced with SQL
- Knowledgeable with XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax/jQuery and XML
- Knowledge in COM Interop, LINQ to SQL, and Entity Framework is an advantage

Please send your resumes to resumes at or ian.datang at