Looking for Software Project Analyst

Job Description:

The Software Project Analyst will be responsible for working with our clients and our software development team to insure that development task are completed properly and follow the Ion Storm software development process. The Software Project Analyst will play a key role in the functional and graphic design for the applications PC, Web and Mobile applications we create. They will also play a critical role in testing the output of the developers to insure that the tasks were completed correctly and bug free. The Project Analyst will also handle critical marketing responsibilities.


*Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Administration, Marketing, Information Technology or
any related field.
*Excellent written and verbal English skills
*Internet savy and computer literate
*creative and critical mindset
*artistic and have reasonable opinions with regards graphic designs and formatting and website
*Ability to deal directly with customers located out of country.


*Background in graphic design
*Prior experience in software development
*Prior experience in software testing
*Marketing/Sales experience

Must at least possess the following skills:

*Ability to work well as part of an IT team.
*think logically and can concentrate to given tasks.
*organize information effectively
*pay attention to details to avoid time consuming and therefore costly errors
*remain patient and persistent when testing an application
*communicate ideas clearly in person and on paper
*get along well with other team members.

For interested applicants, please email resume to: