Looking for Home-based Content Developer

RUSH HIRING / HOME BASED SIDELINE  (per month or project basis):

Creative Writers, Bloggers, or just someone who has good English skills and has some extra time on their hands! :)

We are in need of a Content Developer for our projects. A content developer is one who develops content through creative writing, research, and the likes.

We have several projects that need text/image contents, and we need someone with vacant time to spend on writing and researching content for us.

If hired, you will receive tasks w/ reasonable deadlines and you can work on those tasks from the comforts of your home, or anywhere, as long as you provide us with timely and quality output. You will be required to go and stay online for an hour or less at an agreed time/day schedule. Occasionally you will be requested to come personally for meetings, brainstorming and such.

Please see specifics below:

Job Description:
Research, create, produce creative text and graphic content for web site, publications, etc

1. Creative Writing – The bulk of the work, this is the main task.
2. Research – Simple research here and there that aids the content development as a whole. This involves research for specific details, ideas, images, etc. 99% of research can be done via internet.
3. Image Editing – though NOT necessary, if you know how to do basic image editing (Cropping, designing, etc, nothing fancy), it would be a big plus. And depending on your skill level, we may increase your salary appropriately.

+ MUST BE INDEPENDENTLY CREATIVE! – we do not want a ROBOT, we want someone who can take a set of instructions/ideas, and work wonders with it.
+ Male or Female between 18 to 30 years old
+ Good at following instructions
+ Internet savvy
+ Good in spoken and written English (this is creative writing after all)
+ Access to computer and internet from home is an advantage. But if no access to internet,
+ Must be available to report/await for orders on YM and/or SKYPE at least 3x / week (mornings or at a time agreed upon), or as requested/scheduled
+ Must be in DAVAO CITY (needed for meetings and such)

Hiring Specifics:
• Company in need (client of mine)
• Work from home/ Part Time Job
• Fee of at least Php 3,500! on a per month or project contract
(with bonuses for excellent work, or extra skill sets)
• Deadline for submissions on January 15, 2010
• Selected applicants will be called for an interview on Jan 30 and 31
• We will be hiring 1 (one) Content Developer for the time being. Other good candidates will be included on a priority list to hire for our other projects.

INTERESTED? Here’s how to apply:
1. Make sure you pass all the requirements and possess all the qualities above
2. Submit your Resume w/ Picture and mobile phone number in Microsoft Word 2003 Document format
3. Append to your resume a page answering in a bit of detail these questions:
- What is your primary computer and internet access? Owned? Shared?
- Can you do image editing? If so, on the scale of 10, how do you rate your skills.
- What keeps you busy on a regular basis? Work? School?
4. As a test to your creative writing and research skills, write an article (max one page) with the following scenario/instructions/idea.

You have a website about Davao City at the URL (example only). The website is aimed at attracting tourists to the City. While it contains some vital information about Davao City, its government, economy, history etc, it does however focus and feature the different tourist attractions of the City such as its natural riches such as beaches, wild life, and others. It also has some guides, tips, recommendations and such at the visitor’s disposal.

Write a short article, that sums up the website as described above. Being a tourism driven website your article must be creative and alluring.

This article is not about promoting the website, it’s all about promoting Davao City, backed up by the collection of information presented throughout the website.

Your readers will be potential guests from different countries all over the world. Your article must have enough details to give a good idea of Davao, but must not be too long that’d bore the readers.

Attached an image (any image, from internet, your own, edited or untouched, anything) that would go nicely with your article. Put it in the header, or inline with your article.

Lastly, time yourself, and log at the bottom of your article how long it took you to do this – from concept, to research, to actual writing, checking etc. (speed is not the point of this question). Feel free to add remarks about your work, your time, etc.

5. Name your files in the following format:
6. Set your email’s subject to CONTENT DEVELOPER APPLICANT: your name
7. Submit the requirements to

(REMEMBER, Following instructions properly is one of the qualities we are looking for)