Looking for a Web Designer in Davao

What We Need:

* to create graphics for website (from buttons to background images)
* can use any graphics design tool (photoshop, illustrator,, paintshop pro, coreldraw, etc)
* can manipulate photo images
* internet literate

* team player
* must be familiar with web 2.0 design
* must show portfolio
* open, artistic and creative mind is a must
* can work from home if have own tools (PC, Mac, Software, Internet)
* English literate but doesn’t need to be fluent
* will have a phone and live interview
* provide sample work
* residing in the Davao area
* pay depending on experience

Please complete all requirements listed below when submitting your application, we won’t process it if you failed to do so.

About Us:

* We are a creative and marketing company moving towards web technology
* Building our current team in Philippines
* Based on San Francisco CA area and expanding towards Manila and Davao
* Filipino co-owned

Please email resume to and include skype ID