Loadingman for SeaOil Davao

Job Summary

1. Ensures proper and accurate loading of tank trucks.
2. Prepares reports and logs pertinent data on record books.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Receives and verifies items indicated in loading ticket issued by the dispatcher
2. Checks and acknowledges items indicated on the Certificate of Inspection (i.e., gauge level, contaminants, valves and pumps) before loading of tank truck.
3. Ensures that exact volume of product is loaded into truck compartment, as indicated in the loading ticket.
4. Ensures that exact amount of fuel additives and colorants are added to fuel products.
5. Checks pump set-ups and hose connections before loading on tank trucks.
6. Logs pertinent data on the record book (e.g., customer’s name, driver’s name, tank truck plate number, product type, source tank, volume withdrawn, number of liters of dye consumed, and loading time).
7. Assists in housekeeping efforts in the tank farm, loading area, berth area, oil water separator, and other areas of responsibility.
8. Performs tank cleaning activities.
9. Acts as a member of the Fire Fighting Team.
10.Performs other related tasks that may be assigned from time to time.
11.Assumes responsibility of an Oil Movement Operator whenever needed.
12.Acts as a temporary reliever for out-port personnels.

Education, Special Skills and Knowledge, Experience Needed:
1. Must be a vocational or technical school graduate, or must have completed at least two (2) years of any engineering course
2. Familiar on loading arm/gantry operation
3. Familiar with different types of oil products, fuel additives and dyes
4. Must be willing to work on shifting schedule
5. Has good numerical ability
6. Must be detail-oriented, organized, and trustworthy
7. Has training on fire fighting and disaster preparedness

Equipment/Machinery Needed:

personal protective equipment, calculator, sounding tape, motor pumps