Computer Hardware/Software Specialists for Think Tank IT Solutions

Think Tank IT Solutions are in need of Computer specialists

Computer Hardware/Software Specialists Qualifications:

1. 4 years technical training in electronics servicing at an accredited vocational/technical school plus Certificate Competency in computer electronic technology from accredited vocation/technical school.
2. Minimum three years experience analyzing, repairing computers and networking peripherals.
3. Demonstrated ability to read and interpret technical diagrams and bulletins.
4. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups.
5. Demonstrated proficiency in the operation of Digital MultiMeters, network cable testers, loop back adapters and software diagnostic tools.
6. Working knowledge of a variety of hardware/software platforms and industry-standard computer applications.
7. Ability to interpret technical reports to non-technical persons.
8. Satisfactory completion of an appropriate proficiency assessment.
9. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

If you are interested you can reach me at these numbers

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