Business Analyst for Next BPO Solutions

About the Job

I. Main Functions:

1. Understand the client’s organization and industry, its business issues and the challenges it faces especially in terms of business processes and data management;
2. Analyses client’s organization and its processes, identifies strengths and weaknesses and suggests areas of improvement;
3. Understands client’s current operational problems and crafts/recommends specific solutions.
4. Identifies risks and prepares solutions to mitigate the risks.
5. Develops, reviews and edits project requirements, business processes and solutions in line with the submission of a comprehensive project proposal to the client;
6. Monitors the progress of implemented projects and ensure delivery of solutions in a timely manner.
7. Works with client and company project team in reviewing proposed changes to any part of the agreed solution;

II. Qualifications:

A. Education:

1. Bachelor’s Degree. (Business or Engineering)
2. MBA/MCA will be preferred

B. Technical Skills:

1. MSSQL /MySQL/Oracle
2. Microsoft Windows (All Server and Desktop Versions)
3. Systems/Database Design
4. Design/Implementation of enterprise network (LAN/WAN)
5. Understanding of latest internet-based technologies and business processes;
6. MS Office Applications (esp. Excel and PowerPoint), MS Visio and MS Project, MS Sharepoint;
7. Use of latest internet-based communications tools;
8. Project Documentation;

C. Soft Skills:

1. Able to inspire and generate cooperation/buy-in among team member;
2. Able to provide leadership and direction for the project team;
3. Able to identify/harness team members’ skills/strengths;
4. Able to identify and pro-actively resolve any potential team issues;
5. Able to bridge team members’ differences and unite the team around the project’s goals and purpose.

D. Business Skills:

1. With wide experience in dealing with and conduct of all levels of business , both local and (especially) international
2. Excellent written and oral communications skills;
3. Exceptional presentation and coordination skills;
4. Understands cultural intricacies in dealing with different nationalities;
5. Must possess valid passport and willing to travel (job will requires travels to meet clients and team members within Asia).

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