5 Airport Ground Personnel for Singapore

POEA License No.:    204-LB-112806-R
Address:    Room 201 Merchant Bldg. Padre Faura St.  Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila
Tel. No.:    (02)536-2172 / 522-7417
Gender:    Male
Age:    25 – 32 years old
Education:  At least Bachelor’s / College Degree
Experience:  3 years
Principal Project:    Magenta for Changi Airport
Job Description and Requirements

Job Description

Operate Aircraft Tractors to perform push back and towing of different types of aircraft tin the apron.
Operate Ground Support Equipment such as Ground Power Unit, Air-Conditioning Unit, Air-start Unit, Lavatory and Water Trucks, and other types of ground support equipment  and have a working knowledge of how these vehicles and equipment function/work.
Communicate with and receive instructions from aircraft cockpit using established protocols through the use of headset, handsets and basic hand signals.
Ensure equipment and vehicles are fully operational with appropriate checks and audits, e.g brakes, tires, air pressure, beacon light, headlights, etc.
General maintenance of vehicles and equipment before and after use.


Good working knowledge with at least 3-5 years’ good experience in ramp and push back (tow-tug), water trucking, and lavatory trucking activities
Familiar with established communication protocols with aircraft
Able to converse and communicate well in English
Should possess recognized and authority approved vehicle operating licence and certificates
Preferably with state-recognized diploma qualification


Salary – starting from S$ 1,800 per month
Annual Leave – 12 days
Contract for 2 years (subject to renewal)
1 return airfare upon completion of contract
Attendance Incentive
Medical Leave – 14 days