3D CG Designer (Cebu based)

We are looking for 1 candidate who wants to become a 3D CG designer at our office in Cebu. We are not looking for someone with experience. We have our own way doing CG, so, it is better for you to have no working experience.
The selection process is not easy for this position. We care for your personality, potential, and future plans to be perfectly matched with our company. As of now, our target is to become CG lighting consultancy for movies or city projects in the next 5 years.
• Male/Female; 25 years old or younger
• Good (hand or PC) drawing skill
• Fluent in written and oral English
• Enjoy doing CG works
• Hard working and able to meet deadlines
• Want to succeed in your career in Cebu
• Team player
Selection process:

1. Send your resume to
2. Interview at our Cebu office (30 minutes talk, 30 minutes drawing test)
3. 1 week test project at Cebu SIM within Secondlife 3d environment
4. 30 minutes phone interview with director at Japan.